There are a few simple rules to follow at the Walk Up concerts.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.  It is about having fun and entertaining the audience.

If you want to perform you need to get your name on the whiteboard near the stage and be ready to go when you name is called, ie all the members are assembled and tuned up.


  • Each 'act' gets to do three songs with a maximum performance time including set up of 15 minutes.

  • If you have more than one singer then you still only get three songs

  • When your three songs are done you must vacate the stage quickly and allow the next 'act' to set up

  • 'Acts' with more than three singers can perform again once all other 'acts' have completed their walk up performance

Please note that non members are only permitted to perform twice in each calendar year.  Members are not limited. 

Please note: the rules for the walkups are under review by the committee. The revised rules will be made available when the review is complete.