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Kasey Chambers Campfire Tour

So, Sunday night, 24 June at the Playhouse here in Canberra. Probably the best I have heard Kasey Chambers (and I have heard her live a few times over the years and have all her albums). Such a powerful evocative voice - frankly, a far cry from what she herself has described as the "whiny" voice of yesteryear.

I always found Kasey's style interesting and suggestive of an honest, real person. Not knowing her personally I cannot comment, however that was the impression I was left with. But I couldn't comfortably listen to a whole consecutive album or enjoy a full concert .... purely because of what I found to be a grating aspect of her voice. Well, no more.

I understand that Kasey had an operation to remove nodules and a cyst in her throat back in 2015, before recording the Dragonfly album. The result has been to add power and warmth to her voice !

The laid-back presentation and the homey faux-campfire and the "acousticness" of the gig was also an added bonus. It would have been nice to hear some new takes on the regular jokes about her dad (sitting next to her at the time), that Kasey uses at most of her gigs, but hey, it works so its understandable.

Well done Kasey - a powerhouse voice and and a great entertainer. Check out her latest album (the 12th), "Campfire". #KaseyChambers #Campfire

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