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Cat Canteri Inner North tour 15th July 2018 with Support from Den Hanrahan @ Smiths Alternative

Smith's Alternative, it has to be said, is currently a tiny and bit of an uncomfortable venue - but there is a good excuse .... they're in the process of expanding into a larger space and the work has meant that the booked acts have been shoe horned into a smaller performance space and the audience all become REALLY close and friendly ! A problem soon to be rectified (the cramped space, not the friendliness).

Having said all that, the sound as mixed by Canberra's small venue specialist, Bevan Noble, was amazing. It cannot be overstated - the mix sounded like it was in a much bigger space, without being loud or obnoxious, and the subtle reverb and delays used on Cat's (and before her, Den's) vocals were exquisite. But the great source material undoubtedly helped.

I would have to say that Den Hanrahan (acoustic guitar and lead vox) and Matt Nightingale (backing vox and double bass) fit neatly into the true Australian country music genre, with, I believe, mostly original songs and awesome vocals. Matt's double bass work allowed Den the freedom to play solos and bring dynamics to the acoustic guitar, and their combined harmonies were great.

Moving on to Cat and her band - I would love to say that Cat was a purveyor of country music, but the reality is it is more indie/pop. But with her great vocals, original song writing, and truly great slide guitar playing the definitions of genre become irrelevant. With her partner Justin Bernasconi on variously acoustic and electric guitars and backing vocals, and great support from her drummer and the innovative bass player, Cat connected with her audience and brought us into her world of Inner North Melbourne.

Her new album, Inner North, is worth a listen, and then a purchase, Do it !!!

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