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Dana Hassall

A warm friendly voice on a cold Canberra evening.

My lovely lady Meryl and I were heading out for a spot of dinner at the Dock last Friday night, and were entertained by the awesome Dana Hassell providing a great solo performance at the venue.

Full disclosure - we have known Dana and her bloke Jesse for a while now, having seen Dana in Tamworth several times.

Dana's voice is best described as "warm" - even the sadder songs she sings bring a sense of comfort when you listen to them. As a guitarist myself, there are times the way Dana plays her instrument, providing good solid backing, annoys me .... I have been playing for the best part of 60 years and I would be more than happy to produce the sound on the instrument that she does.

There were more covers than originals during the time we were there, but Dana's delivery of the covers made them her own ... I was particularly stirred by her rendition of Fall at your feet .... I'm thinking if it was based on anyone else's version it would be Clare Bowditch's, and Johnny Cash would have been impressed by Dana's interpretation of Ring of Fire, I'm sure.

The originals were perfectly delivered - I have her last album, and while I really enjoy the full band versions, the delivery of the songs in the solo acoustic format was excellent.

If you have the chance, get along to one of Dana's gigs - you will thank me ! Oh and fork out some of your hard earned cash on her album ... it's on iTunes, but having a hardcopy is also nice.

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