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CMAC Corona Virus Update #2 2020


Dear CMAC Members

Your committee met again for July (this time via the wonders of Zoom conferencing) and the main focus of our discussions continued to be the current situation regarding the pandemic and the safest options for our membership.


We have determined that, allowing for the restrictions imposed by the ACT government, we are aiming to restart our walkups at the Irish Club in September. This will in fact take some doing as we have to meet stringent guidelines enforcing social distancing and making sure our equipment remains COVID free. Expect a further update this coming weekend (8/8/2020) with advertising etc for the walkup commencing then. We also hope to be streaming and/or recording the walkup and make it available for members who can’t make it on the day.


We want to also mention the recent Canberra Opry that was held successfully on the 18th July, despite some hiccups due to illness in terms of the line up. You can see the full video of the event here: https://youtu.be/XqGuxCgmz2w.


We would also like to point out to our membership that we as a committee and a community of country music folk are here for you if you are struggling to cope with the hassles of the current pandemic environment. You can email us at president@countrymusiccanberra.org.au, or you can message us on Facebook. We will endeavour to connect you with the resources to help.


At the last committee meeting it was also proposed to hold an all acoustic get together in a local park, socially distanced of course !, with a picnic of some description. If you would be keen to see this happen, please let any of the committee members know via email, mobile or facebook with your ideas to make this happen.


Dene Burton

Vice President / Publicity Officer

CMAC (Inc)

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