Welcome to the web page of the Country Music Association of Canberra (CMAC).

We had a great time at the last Walk Up. They are the monthly face of CMAC, and we are currently searching more ways to connect with our members and our community. At the next walk up our President, Jeremy, will have a quick word about that, and the Annual General Meeting being scheduled for May when we expect to have a bity of a turnover in the committee with some members taking a well earned break !!

As always with the walkup, get there early to get your name up on the white board and perform your songs - if it fits somewhere in the broad church that is country music we'd love to have you. $5 entry fee. We attempt to allow for 3 songs per performer but that can be reduced depending on numbers on the whiteboard, and how good people are at sticking to their times !


April the 3rd, 1:30pm, Cotter Room at the Canberra Irish Club. For details, please refer to our Facebook event by clicking on the following:

A Chance to Express Your Inner Country Muso !