Welcome to the web page of the Country Music Association of Canberra (CMAC).


Howdy Folks !

So much is happening !

Coming up soon will be our June Walkup at the Canberra Irish Club, checkout our Facebook page or the News webpage here for details as they become available.

At the end of June we will be holding our Annual General Meeting, to be held in the Cotter Room at the Canberra Irish Club Wednesday 30 June. This will be the opportunity for financial members to come along and voice their opinions about what's great about CMAC and where we could do better, and to nominate members to a new Committee. The Office Bearing roles are those of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer with up to another 5 General Committee roles.

You may have noticed our new Banner on the website and/or the Facebook page (other social media will be updated shortly). In addition we have a new interactive membership form that you can complete on your computer (no need to print and fill in and then scan that back in !) and email to the Secretary, and has our bank details on the form as well, so the idea is that you pay your membership by electronic funds transfer using your name as the reference. Simples !

This is all thanks to your hard working Committee and the work done by Graphic Artist Andrew Hinge. It has taken us a long time to start implementing and updating our look, and we hope you like it and find the tech changes helpful.

Also, we have exciting news about the 2nd Canberra Opree, scheduled for the 24th July at the Canberra Irish club ... an afternoon/evening of great local (local being from Bega through to Bungendore and closer to the 'Berra) as well as a headlining act. All shall be revealed soon, keep an eye out for the advertising and get your tickets quickly !


Dene Burton

Publicity Officer / Secretary

Country Music Association of Canberra

M: 0438414844