Welcome to the web page of the Country Music Association of Canberra (CMAC).

Greetings one and all !


So we had our first Walkup since the beginning of the pandemic !. Low numbers attending as expected really, but a good start back.

Many thanks to Ralph Martin, John Socha and Adam McKay who set up for the day and again to Ralph for doing the sound.

There will be a full report in our newsletter when it comes out, but in short, it was great to see the Association stalwarts getting up and performing some great Country music ! !


Also, we have had our Annual General Meeting and we have a new committee. We want to say thank you to all those who were on the committee last year but have chosen not to stand for the 2020 committee - your efforts in the previous period are all greatly appreciated. For details of the new committee check out the relevant page !

We are finalising the details of the next walk up at the moment. You can check out our calendar here.



Dene Burton

Publicity Officer / Secretary

Country Music Association of Canberra

M: 0438414844

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